“You’re gonna rire”: Le show franglais.

With this show launched in 2011, Sugar Sammy brings together the two solitudes under one roof to experience a bilingual comedy show. Truly capturing the essence of what it is to be a Montrealer, he is jumping from one language to the other in the same show, in the same routine and sometimes in the same sentence: a first in Canada. Sugar Sammy invites Quebecers of all walks of life, of all origins and beliefs, who live, work and survive in our fair city to come together in laughter.

Winner of the Comedian of the year at Gala Les Olivier 2013, Sugar Sammy is the biggest Québec comedian on the English comedy scene right now. He presented over 1000 shows in 30 countries and has visited some of the largest cities in the world. Still, Montreal remains his first love, his hometown. The content of this show is specifically addressed to Montreal residents’ and is not presented elsewhere in the world. On top of local content, Sugar Sammy unveils to his biggest Anglo and Franco fans, in his favourite city, in his favourite province, in his favourite country, new material tested internationally.

The show is presented in a traditional stand up comedy club format. The approach is raw: just a microphone and a flurry of jokes and laughter for 90 minutes.

For more about Sugar Sammy: www.sugarsammy.com

For tickets: www.admission.com

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