The Défi Canderel Challenge – known as Défi Canderel in Québec and as the Canderel Challenge in the rest of Canada – is Canderel Management’s corporate philanthropic endeavour in support of cancer research. From its creation in 1989, the Défi Canderel has raised over $25 million for Canadian cancer research centres.

This impressive initiative hosts an annual charity run in the streets of downtown Montreal to raise funds and awareness. The Canderel offices across the country organize fundraising campaigns in support of their local cancer centres, challenging their staff, business partners and network to donate and raise funds for research.

In 2024, to celebrate the milestone 35th anniversary edition of this campaign, the Défi Canderel Challenge has set its most-ambitious goal yet: to raise $3 million for cancer research. To celebrate the milestone edition of this campaign, Canderel will host its annual event in a new format by launching the Défi Canderel Health & Wellness Festival at McGill University’s Percival Molson Memorial Stadium on May 9th. Various other fundraising events are also planned across Canada to support pan-Canadian translational cancer research and help with the cadence of major developments in cancer cures.

Défi CanderelThrough the years, all funds raised have been invested in various ways, including: the funding of innovative research projects; the creation and awarding of scholarships, fellowships and bursaries for students and researchers; the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment and technology; and the funding of other urgent priority needs. Every year, this donation is made with no strings attached, enabling the beneficiaries to invest the funds in their most urgent and priority needs.

For information about the Défi Canderel please visit: or call 514-261-7245.