Festival International Nuits d’Afrique presents

Oumou Sangaré

“The songbird of Wassoulou” is back!

The last time Oumou Sangaré was in Montreal was almost thirteen years ago, for the 25th anniversary of Festival International Nuit d’Afrique, where she enticed festivalgoers with her captivating performance on main outdoor stage. This sublime artist, who has inspired the likes of Beyoncé,  Alicia Keys and Aya Nakamura, will be appearing at MTelus to celebrate her ninth album in 30 years, the exquisite Timbuktu, which features songs that “oscillate between anger and celebration” (Le Devoir, 2022).

Fiercely proud of her cultural heritage, this brilliant performer is also a staunch feminist and ardent advocate of peace. Clear, free and powerful, her voice harmonizes as elegantly with the delicate notes of the kamale ngoni as the bold pop-rock-blues arrangements.

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