Dr. Maggie Lorenzetti Dorfman takes on Presidency of the Barry F. Lorenzetti Foundation

The LORENZETTI GROUP represents a series of companies that cater to different markets throughout the Montreal area, and runs the gamut from entertainment, hospitality, the arts, real estate, and journalism to mental health initiatives.

The Barry F. Lorenzetti Foundation is entering 2024 under the new leadership of Dr. Maggie Lorenzetti Dorfman, a clinical neuropsychologist, who trained at the Mount Sinai Hospital and is currently practicing in New York City.

“A staggering one in five Canadians is affected by mental health issues in their lifetime” – Dr. Maggie Lorenzetti Dorfman.

Barry Lorenzetti

Barry Lorenzetti  (Founder and Chairman of BFL Canada, the country’s largest independent insurance broker) supports mental health services, the arts and women in business

On the appointment of his daughter, Foundation Chairman Barry F. Lorenzetti states with pride, “I am thrilled that Maggie has agreed to take the helm of our Foundation. Not only does she personify our Foundation’s mission and values, but I am also confident that she will bring new energy and passion to the important and much needed work our Foundation is undertaking surrounding mental health initiatives.”

“A staggering one in five Canadians is affected by mental health issues in their lifetime,” explains Dr. Maggie Lorenzetti Dorfman. “With our focus on mental health, our Foundation continues to tackle critical areas in our health care system that remain unaddressed. Our strategy is to establish multi-year partnerships with organizations to address the ever-changing mental health needs in today’s society that have been exacerbated by the pandemic, economic pressures and stresses attributed to geopolitical and political issues.  But our success depends, to a large extent, on the generosity of our sponsors and individual donors. Thanks to their continued and unwavering support, our annual events such as the Ritz-Carlton Grand Prix Party (June) and our Fall Foundation Gala (September) have become marquee events in Montreal.”

Vittorio Rossi

Playwright and director Vittorio Rossi, will be directing 12 Angry Jurors, that will feature professional actors and members of the Montreal business community

This year, the Barry F. Lorenzetti Foundation is pleased to add a new event to the City’s social calendar.  Teams from BFL Canada Inc., representing the Foundation, and the Véro & Louis Foundation (with a mission to provide permanent homes for autistic adults 21+) will face off for the Foundation Cup on Friday, April 19th at the Bell Centre. The rosters of each team will be bolstered with several former NHLers  and will include well-known female hockey players who have represented their country internationally. The game will be open to the general public, and tickets will be going on sale in the coming weeks.

MAGJUSJEN Entertainment will be holding a live performance of the stage play 12 Angry Jurors, an updated version of 12 Angry Men, the Henry Fonda classic, at Maison Principale located in the St Henri borough on Thursday, May 9. The riveting story centers around a jury debating the conviction or acquittal of a 19-year-old teenager charged with murder on the basis of reasonable doubt.  Locally known actors, community leaders and a variety of people from various areas of the business community will partake in this production.

“We have already started rehearsals, and I am impressed with the talent and enthusiasm of our performers. I am confident that by Opening Night, they will be ready for prime time,” notes Vittorio Rossi, renown award-winning playwright and director of the production. “And to top it off, we will be treating Montrealers to a first-class meal along with a thought-provoking evening where each of us is forced to reflect on our personal biases.”

Tickets for 12 Angry Jurors are selling for $250 and include dinner and the play, as well as an open bar. Sponsorships are also available.

“Teams from BFL Canada Inc., representing the Foundation, and the Véro & Louis Foundation (which provides permanent homes for autistic adults) will face off for the Foundation Cup on Friday, April 19th at the Bell Centre.”

“The key to our success,” notes Barry F. Lorenzetti, “is our focus on offering entertaining and unique events through the various entities that comprise the LORENZETTI GROUP.  But equally important is to remember where we came from and to always be mindful that Canadians are experiencing mental health challenges.  We need to maintain a well-rounded approach in supporting the arts, but we also must continue to invest in programs and services that provide those in need with the care and support required.”

For more information regarding the LORENZETTI GROUP and its events, please contact Sue Dabrowski at [email protected] or Katrina Lorenzetti @ [email protected].