by Gaëtan Levêque / Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde

Six acrobats, three trampolines, a grandiose tribute to this dizzyingly spectacular discipline.

In ESQUIVE, six acrobats explore and pay tribute to one discipline: trampoline. Witnessing their complicity, the audience is invited to admire their trajectories, from the exhilarating lightness of flight to the relentless constancy that brings them back to the canvas.

By questioning gravity, weight, suspension and changing body states, the acrobatic score becomes a language. A language that expresses the intimate foundations of circus: the art of flight and risk-taking, a praise of fragility and utopia.

ESQUIVE is an invitation to contemplate the human desire to soar, to feel the continuous effort to extricate oneself from the fall.

For 25 years, Gaëtan Levêque has devoted himself to trampoline and made it his specialty. Versatile, he now passes on his art to a new generation, exploring this constantly evolving artistic discipline.

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