Bourgie Hall presents

Collisions: Electric and Classical Guitars

Classical and electric guitars join forces and coalesce with voices in a program of novel sounds and contemporary experimentation.

“I have played guitar since 1967, electric guitar since 1972. My interest in the instrument really began on February 9th, 1964, when The Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan show for the first time. The guitar (indeed, all music) is created to make us happy, sad, contemplative, ecstatic…frankly, one is never indifferent in the face of music. According to the legendary guitar manufacturer, Robert Godin (my favourite), you can never be sad with a guitar in your hands. Absolutely, the guitar is an “instrument of happiness”, hence the name for this new ensemble “Instruments of Happiness”. – Tim Brady

“For over 30 years I have been exploring a new approach to the electric guitar a vision as both a composer and a guitarist. It is a vision which does not ignore my roots in jazz, blues, rock and noise, but a vision which seeks to extend the boundaries of the electric guitar, incorporating chamber music, electroacoustics, orchestral music, opera, etc. “Instruments of Happiness” is, to a great extend, the next step in this evolution.” – Tim Brady

Instruments of Happiness Quartet
Canadian Guitar Quartet
Sarah Albu, soprano

Sarah Albu is a singer, composer and performance-maker based in Tio’tia:ke (Montréal, Canada). An active soloist specializing in new/experimental music, 20th century repertoire and free improvisation, she can be heard in settings ranging from traditional Balkan village music and ancient sacred polyphony to film and game soundtracks, noise and psychedelic rock. She is a founding member of the experimental voice collective Phth and frequently collaborates with artists working in video, installation, contemporary dance, textiles and digital media.

Marie-Annick Béliveau, soprano

Marie-Annick Béliveau has been preforming on Montreal stages for more than 25 years. She recently received the Opus Prize for “musical event of the year” for her performance in Chants du Capricorne by Scelsi, an opera-performance for solo voice. In 2022, she became the new artistic director of Chants Libres, founded thirty years ago by Pauline Vaillancourt. Ms. Béliveau is a leading performer in the field of modern and contemporary music. She has created more than thirty works, and can be heard regularly in Europe and Canada, on Radio-Canada and on several award-winning recordings.

Janelle Lucyk, soprano

Janelle Lucyk is a leader among an emerging generation of Canadian artists specializing in old music and historically informed performance, taking ideas from conception to the stage.

In fall 2022, she was invited by legendary organist Xaver Varnus to perform at his two sold out performances in Hungary, including at the spectacular Bartók National Concert Hall in Budapest. She has had the good fortune of working as a soloist with the Kings College Chapel Choir under five-time Grammy winner Paul Halley on many unforgettable concerts including Monteverdi’s Vespers of 1610 and Selva Morale e Spirituale and multiple Bach Passions.  Janelle is the artistic director of Ménestrel (Old French meaning entertainer), her early music ensemble with Kerry Bursey. She performs across Canada as a soloist with Theatre of Early Music, Per Sonatori, Aureas Voces and Ensemble Caprice, and premiered jazz songs written for her by Peter-Anthony Togni.  In December 2022, Ménestrel toured a new production of Handel’s Messiah which congregated 21 emerging performers from across Canada to be featured in historic Nova Scotian venues.

Bronwyn Thies-Thompson, soprano

Bronwyn Thies-Thompson is a singer sought after for her solid and inspired performances as a soprano soloist and amongst chamber ensembles, regularly collaborating with the leading early and contemporary music groups in Montreal and abroad, notably with Daniel Taylor’s Juno-nominated Theatre of Early Music and Trinity Choir. Her “clean and clear voice” (National Capital Opera Society) and “natural and assured musicianship,” (Ottawa Citizen) informed by her musical upbringing as a cathedral chorister and instrumentalist in Ottawa, Canada, have been appreciated during collaborations with the Tallis Scholars and Emma Kirkby. Bronwyn has been fortunate to collaborate on new works with a number of Canadian composers including Andrew Ager, Tim Brady, Gabriel Dharmoo and Matthew Larkin. She is also involved in musical projects exploring the traditional music of Ireland, England, Appalachia, and Quebec.

Tim BRADY Symphony in 18 Parts* for solo electric guitar (excerpts)
Roxanne TURCOTTE Objet volant identifié
Nicholas M. RYAN Choir: for 4 Guitars*
Renaud CÔTÉ-GIGUÈRE Ganson’s Machine*
Tim BRADY This one is broken in pieces: Symphony No. 11* for 8 guitars and 4 sopranos

*World Premiere

Wednesday, May 17, 2023 at 7:30pm
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