Women’s Art Society of Montreal presents

Art Society MARIANNA ARMATATuesday, November 7, 2017
“A Fresh Perspective on Macro Photography”
from 1:30 to 2:30pm
at the Unitarian Church of Montreal, 5035 de Maisonneuve West
Nonmembers $10. New members welcome – men also.
www.wasmtl.org or 514-495-3701

Marianna is a professional graphic designer and international award winning, published photographer. She has the honour of being Lakeshore Camera Club’s “Photographer of the Year” for 4 years. Her work has been published in Communication Arts, Canadian Geographic, Photo Life, Photo News, Popular Photography, and Herzstuck.

Born in Poland, she immigrated to Canada as a teen and graduated from Concordia University with a Magna Cum Laude honours in Fine Arts. She has pursued a successful career as a graphic designer in Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto. She often combines her graphic design, photography, and Photoshop skills in her client work, photo retouching, and complex photo-collages. She teaches Photoshop level 1 & 2 to small groups of photographers.

Marianna enjoys macro and conceptual photography the most but in all seriousness she loves to challenge herself to capture and create something new and unique every day. “It’s a sad day when I don’t take my camera for a walk” she says. Marianna judges the success of a photo by its uniqueness. “We are all unique individuals, we see the world in our very own way, and it’s our duty to show and in fact celebrate that difference.”

Her interest in macros, and mushrooms in particular, began as a child following her parents on mushroom forays in Eastern Europe. Collecting and eating wild mushrooms has been a tradition in her family for generations. It is not surprising that she is the photographer and graphic designer of the “2017, 2018 and 2019 Miraculous Mushroom” calendar published by Amber Lotus Publishing. Her beautiful mushroom photo is being used to promote a documentary film “fantastic fungi” by Louie Schwartzberg “http://fantasticfungi.com“.

She has participated in 2 group exhibitions with Lakeshore Camera Club in Kirkland Library in 2014 and DDO Gallery in 2015, and has had 2 solo exhibitions in 2016 in the city of Beaconsfield.

Art Society NANCY KILPATRICKTuesday, Oct. 24, 2017
Award-winning author, NANCY KILPATRICK
 “Morbid Curiosities: Vampires!”
from 1:30 to 2:30pm
at the Unitarian Church of Montreal, 5035 de Maisonneuve West
Nonmembers $10. New members welcome – men also.
www.wasmtl.org or 514-495-3701

Award-winning author, Nancy Kilpatrick, has published 19 novels, over 220 short stories, 7 collections of her stories, and has edited 15 anthologies. She works in these genres: dark fantasy, horror, fantasy, science fiction, mystery.

Recent original short works are included in: Nightmare’s Realm; Black Wings 6; Black Wings 5; Searchers After Horror; The Darke Phantastique; Zombie Apoclaypse: Endgame!; Blood Sisters: Vampire Stories by Women; The Madness of Cthulhu 2; Innsmouth Nightmares and a non-fiction piece in Stone Skin Bestiary.

Two new graphic novels are: Nancy Kilpatrick’s Vampyre Theater and her story “Heart of Stone” in Tales From the Acker-Mansion. Thrones of Blood is a new six-novel series. Volume 1, Revenge of the Vampir King, is available in print or ebook. Volume 2, Sacrifice of the Hybrid Princess, will be a late fall 2017 release.

Nancy migrated from Toronto 20 years ago to lovely Montreal where she lives in a large, cluttered apartment with her calico cat Fedex, who appeared at her door one July 1st. Besides writing and editing, Nancy loves to travel, exploring cemeteries, ossuaries, mummies, and Danse Macabre artwork in the Great Curio Cabinet we call Planet Earth.    nancykilpatrick.com

The Women’s Art Society of Montreal invites you to become a member of our group, where you can connect with like-minded people who enjoy the arts. Events are held bimonthly on Tuesday from September to December then from March to May, from 1:30 to 2:30pm, at the UNITARIAN CHURCH OF MONTREAL, 5035 Boulevard de Maisonneuve West, Montreal, QC H4A 1Y5.
For more information visit: www.wasmtl.org  or call 514-495-3701.

Founded in 1894 and incorporated in 1968, the Women’s Art Society of Montreal has played an important role in fostering awareness and understanding of the arts among the general public of the city. As one of the earliest organizations for women artists, the Women’s Art Society of Montreal helped pave the way for the integration of women into the art world. Nowadays, the Women’s Art Society is more social and educational than professional in nature since various opportunities and avenues of support are open to female artists.

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