An Evening with Steven Wilson

For over 20 years, the prolific and versatile Steven Wilson has created and explored music on the experimental edges of rock. Guitarist, keyboardist, composer and producer, he burst onto the stage with Porcupine Tree in the early ’90s. Pitched between progressive music and psychedelic rock, the band made an immediate impact, releasing a slew of albums, from Up the Downstair (1993) to The Incident (2009). The British musician simultaneously launched No Man, a duo that blends electronica, hip-hop and orchestral arrangements, as well as playing in wide-ranging collaborative projects: Opeth, Bass Communion and Blackfield. As a solo artist, he released Insurgentes (2008), bridging the gap between ballads, anthems and aggressive industrial rock, Grace For Drowning (2011), as well as The Raven That Refused To Sing (and Other Stories) in 2013 and Hand. Cannot. Erase. in 2015.

Following the phenomenal success of his Hands. Cannot. Erase. tour earlier this year, Steven Wilson is back by popular demand.

With sold-out shows around the world, including his two recent performances at London’s prestigious Royal Albert Hall, Steven will continue to tour throughout 2016.

The show will be divided into two halves. The first half will be a complete performance of Hand. Cannot. Erase. (including Transience which has not been played live before), and the second half will be based on music from the forthcoming album 4 ½ and older repertoire, some of which was played at the recent Royal Albert Hall shows but have not yet toured.

For tickets and information:     514-849-4211

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