The developers of SAX condominiums have achieved a balance obtaining a leading edge in their design, but with a timeless elegance. They have successfully created a SAX ‘brand’ in the crowded world of condominium developers, setting the SAX brand apart. “We took the best design elements of sophisticated New York City boutique hotels, and have applied them to our designs here. The key is to be avant garde without being flighty;” comments Elizabeth Vanderhoven, the company’s Marketing And Sales Director.

The first development was built in Nun’s Island, then Longueil and now the company is well into their second phase of SAX in Town of Mount Royal. Phase I is sold out and occupied and we are over 60% sold in our Phase II building, where we have 2 and 3 bedroom units, all with private balconies. They range from 1180 to 1720 square feet; and people who are 2 coming from home really appreciate the larger sizes. We’ve learned that most purchasers like the open concept kitchens, where your guests can join in the preparation of a meal. It’s sort of like having your own chef show!”

Purchasers have a wide selection of tiles in kitchens and bathrooms. Massive quartz countertops in the kitchen provide ample working surfaces. The newly renovated Sales Office on Lucerne has model bathrooms and kitchens for purchasers to see.

SAX I, II, III and IV are located on Plymouth Avenue in Town of Mount Royal, which enjoys comparatively lower real estate taxes than other Montreal Island communities because of its light industry located on the West side of Decarie. First developed in the 50s and 60s, this section of TMR is undergoing a revitalization and renaissance. “Perhaps the best example is that the Dunkin’ Donuts in the Lucerne Shopping Centre has closed and is re-opening as a Starbucks.” Purchasers in Phase I have already seen the value of their real estate investment increase.

SAX is quite literally a couple of minutes walk to the De La Savane Metro station, and just two minutes to the supermarket and other stores in the Lucerne Shopping Centre. Because of its relative proximity and that the immediate area is going through a gentrification; savvy purchasers have recognized that the combination of existing services, a well run city with moderate taxes and a rapidly improving streetscape make SAX a sound real estate investment.

For more information and to see first-hand the arrangement of the four buildings in a park setting, please visit the Sales Office at 2457 Lucerne Road. Telephone: 514-750-2211 or

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