Opera in its original concert version with French and English surtitles

This masterpiece of English baroque music bears the signature of Henry Purcell, and is considered to be his most famous theatrical work. Labeled a musical genius, Dido & Aeneas is his unique opera, and is said to be the first English-language opera in the late 17th Century.

“Dido & Aeneas is Henry Purcell’s masterpiece, and is the first

English-language opera in the late 17th Century.”

Based on Book IV of Virgil’s Aeneid, Dido plays a role in the first four books of the epic. She is a figure of passion and volatility, qualities that contrast with Aeneas’s order and control, and traits that Virgil associated with Rome itself in his own day.

This exceptional work will be presented one night only at Salle Bourgie on November 8. It will performed in concert version with Ensemble Caprice and Ensemble vocal Arts-Québec under the direction of Maestro Matthias Maute.

The heart of the story recounts the love between Dido, Queen of Carthage, and Aeneas, a Trojan prince. The dramatic intensity of this powerful libretto culminates in the famous aria When I Am Laid In Earth.

The story unfolds as Queen Dido rescues and welcomes the Trojan hero Aeneas who was shipwrecked: they fall in love and prepare to marry. An evil magician wants the downfall of Dido and Carthage. She finds a Spirit who, personified as Mercure, sets to convince the prince to continue his voyage to create the Roman Empire. Aeneas announces his departure to the Queen. Beside herself, Dido cries in despair, curses her former lover, sends him away and then takes her own life.

Soprano Myrian Leblanc is Queen Dido, Janelle Lucy, soprano personifies the Queen’s sister and baritone Dominique Côté is Aeneas : these singers will give life to these unique characters.

Salle Bourgie, November 8, 7:30 pm, Purchase of tickets: https://bit.ly/Dido-Caprice

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