Bourgie Hall presents

Ensemble Diabolus in Musica – A New Springtime of the World

This French ensemble will showcase troubadour songs and polyphonies from Aquitaine in the 12th century, a pivotal period in history which, in the words of Georges Duby, was “the world’s new springtime.” Embark on a veritable journey through time!

Since 1992, the Diabolus in Musica ensemble has been exploring the immense repertoire of music from the Middle Ages. For 30 years under the artistic direction of Antoine Guerber, and now under that of Nicolas Sansarlat from 2022, the musicians of Diabolus in Musica have never ceased to share and highlight with excellence the beauty of musical art.  ​The vitality of the ensemble is nourished as much by discoveries of unpublished musical works as by the great pages of the medieval repertoire. The many artistic collaborations, the rich discography, the recognition in France and internationally have made Diabolus in Musica a pillar of medieval music today. ​

Nicolas Sansarlat, bowed vielle and conductor
Raphaël Boulay, tenor
Françoise Johannel, harp
Emmanuel Vistorky, bass-baritone
Philippe Roche, bass

Aquitaine versus (anonymous manuscripts from Saint-Martial de Limoges) and troubadour songs (Bernard de Ventadour, Gaucelm Faidit, Guiraut de Borneil, Jaufré Rudel, and Marcabru).

Sunday, October 23, 2022 at 2:30pm

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