The Gracefully Hip

The Gracefully Hip is a tribute to the iconic Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip. They respectfully pay hommage to the national treasure that was Gordon Downie, a great performer, a prolific artist and an inspired poet of our modern times.

The Gracefully Hip is formed by a group of five experienced musicians and Hip fans who used to jam together in their earlier days. They recently decided to get back together and create this band to revive the energy that the Hips once brought to stage.

With a 90 minute set covering most of the Hit songs from the 1989 to 1999 years, (albums: Up to Here, Road Apples, Fully Completely, Trouble at the Henhouse, Phantom Power), they fully satisfy the Canadian rock fans with a concert in a standard worthy of the Hip’s international reputation.

Vocals: Francois Fortin Tremblay
Guitars: Francois Latulippe and Louis Fernandez
Bass: Fred Cloutier
Drums: Frank Lachance

To purchase your tickets visit:

Théâtre Beanfield
2490 Notre-Dame ouest
Montreal, Quebec
H3J 1N5

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