Women’s Art Society of Montreal presents

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Susan PeplerSusan Pepler – Fine Arts Painter
Award winning artist Susan Pepler presents to us a multi-faceted pictorial repertoire ranging from floral to finely detailed everyday objects
from 1:30 to 2:30pm
at the Unitarian Church of Montreal, 5035 de Maisonneuve West
Nonmembers $10. New members welcome – men also.
www.wasmtl.org or 514-495-3701

Susan Pepler is a Knowlton (Quebec)-based artist renowned for producing resonant paintings with unique spatial presence and visual panache. Widely collected both nationally and internationally, her works elude easy classification, their aesthetic allure and sensory breadth captivating novice, connoisseur and collector alike. Florals, Greens, Autos, Landscapes, Fruits and Stills, the artist’s disparate series eloquently engage both spectator and space. With a multi-faceted pictorial repertoire that ranges from flora to genre, Pepler’s paintings lend themselves to diverse interiors with facility, complementing and completing public and domestic places with extraordinary élan.

A seasoned artist who has exhibited extensively both in Canada and the United States, Pepler’s formal practice, and finely honed eye, are informed by her years of experience as a storyboard illustrator. This legacy is most evident in her keen observational skills, her ability to swiftly distill the essence of her subject, and the fusion of meticulous marks and bold brushwork that characterizes the artist’s stylistic expression. Her canvases are executed in-situ, with rare revision, thus capturing the spirit of her ‘sitters’ with remarkable perceptual precision. This empathic interaction between artist and subject reflexively finds echo in a deeply-felt viewing experience. And it is this most of all, along with the artist’s ability to convey the exuberant fullness of each scenic aura, which affords Pepler’s art its uniquely sensorial dimension.

As for the artist’s near-tactile representations of antique teacups, fruit, furnishings and precious and plain objects, they are nostalgia incarnate, gripping our vision through the virtuoso interpretation of their physical details, and kindling dormant memories through laden allusions to real human experiences. Placed in certain settings, Pepler’s Stills visually echo and enhance the three-dimensional elements around them, at once blending in and standing out from the environments they inhabit.

Ultimately, and beyond its formal significance, it is the fact that Pepler’s art stirs our senses which gives it relevance and renders it sought-after. Finding its home in numerous corporate and private collections world wide, Pepler’s work eloquently celebrates space in the same authentic spirit as it satisfies a universal desire for possessing objects of unique aesthetic and personal import.



Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Peter KrauszPeter Krausz
Renowned painter, professor and curator, Peter Krausz, discusses his work and provides a demonstration of egg tempera
from 1:30 to 2:30pm
at the Unitarian Church of Montreal, 5035 de Maisonneuve West
Nonmembers $10. New members welcome – men also.
www.wasmtl.org or 514-495-3701

Born in Romania, Peter Krausz studied mural painting between 1964 and 1969 at the Fine Arts Institute in Bucharest.

Since 1970 when he made Montreal his home, he participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, the United States and Europe. His works, including paintings, drawings, installations and photography are part of private and public collections such as the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Quebec National Museum of Fine Arts, the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art, the Jewish Museum in New York and many others.

He received many grants from the Canada Council and the Quebec Council for Arts and Letters and he won competitions in the Integration of art in architecture program.

From 1980 to 1990 Peter Krausz was the curator and director of the Saidye Bronfman Centre Art Gallery and a Professor at Concordia University. From 1991 he teaches art at the Université de Montréal were he is a Tenured Professor in the Art History and Cinema Studies Department.


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Founded in 1894 and incorporated in 1968, the Women’s Art Society of Montreal has played an important role in fostering awareness and understanding of the arts among the general public of the city. As one of the earliest organizations for women artists, the Women’s Art Society of Montreal helped pave the way for the integration of women into the art world. Nowadays, the Women’s Art Society is more social and educational than professional in nature since various opportunities and avenues of support are open to female artists.