The Great Gardening Weekend

Foodscaping: a feast for the eyes and the table!
Growing your own food is the best way to know where it came from. To celebrate its 20th edition, the Great Gardening Weekend is focusing on foodscaping. Come discover some unusual plants and pick up valuable tips from the exhibitors. Visit our demonstration gardens and learn more about vegetable plants to help you create your own fabulous edible garden. Now more than ever, fruit, flowers and vegetables make great partners in our urban borders. Here’s to gardening!

Happy birthday, Montreal!
On Friday, May 26, let’s celebrate together! To mark the 20th anniversary of the Great Gardening Weekend and Montreal’s 375th anniversary, admission to the event will be free for everyone on that day. It will also be a chance to admire our city’s new official flower: the Montreal coneflower! Created entirely in Quebec, this lovely flower in colours ranging from orange-yellow to bright pink helps foster biodiversity, too, by attracting bees. You can pick one up at the Botanical Garden Gift Shop and enjoy its abundant blooms from July to September.

Great Gardening Weekend – Conference by Michel Aubé
The joys of growing organic vegetables using “green” manure
Speaker: Michel Aubé, Gloco
May 26, 2017 at 11:00
50 minutes, in French only
Organic gardening means growing plants without using any chemical fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides. Growing your vegetable garden organically allows you to control what you eat. If you think your veggie plot needs fertilizer, come meet Michel Aubé and he’ll show you the benefits of organic gardening, how to look after your plants and, most importantly, how to amend your soil to prevent problems before they get started.

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