RV Show – On the road to a 34th edition in Montreal

Bringing together some 100 exhibitors under one roof, this is the ultimate destination to dream, shop and learn about the latest in recreational vehicles, from tent trailers to pickup campers, along with Class A, B and C motorhomes. And let’s not forget accessories, outdoor gear, services and vacation destinations. Host, producer and outdoor enthusiast Dominic Arpin will be there to unveil the 2024 model of the Sherbee Van, a Quebec company he co-owns. Conferences on various topics, such as how to find the perfect campsite and destinations to discover, will also be offered on-site. As caravanning continues to grow in popularity, there will something for every visitor who passes through the turnstiles, from snowbirds to weekenders to vanlife enthusiasts.

The RV industry: still booming
The RV industry is booming. As proof, 2023 sales were similar to the record statistics of 2022 and represent an increase of 57% over 2019. In addition, the ratio of new fans has been increasing for the last three years. According to a recent study by Ipsos of all RV purchases in 2021, 6% of owners had acquired their very first RV; 10% in 2022 and 12% in 2023. The phenomenon can be explained by several factors, according to ACVRQ President Sylvain Gauthier.

“RVs enable you to travel with your own belongings, a reassuring concept for Canadians whose travel habits have changed over the past three years due to inflation and health measures,” Mr. Gauthier said. He continued: ”In addition, with long-term loans available for the purchase of a new or used RV, owners can plan their vacation costs for up to 20 years. What’s more, unlike the costs of using a boat or motorcycle, the expenses associated with RVing are minimal. For example, for a Class B motorhome powered by alternative energy, there are absolutely no expenses except for fuel and food. And with all the great features integrated into today’s RVs, such as cooktops, large fridges and other state-of-the-art appliances, the same quality of life can be enjoyed on board as at home!”

RV: the five current trends and innovations
Manufacturers take inspiration from major consumer trends and lifestyle habits in order to develop RV models that best meet customer needs. Here are the top five trends in RVing for 2024, Mr. Gauthier said:

• The dual-function RV: Increasingly popular, the Class B motorhome (Mercedes Sprinter 144 type) is becoming a means of day-to-day transport. Its urban-friendly size allows it to be parked in standard spaces, and the multiple configuration options mean it can be adapted to your personal lifestyle. At a time of tight budgets for many, reconciling the recreational and the functional enables you to significantly offset your leisure costs.
• Protection and guarantees against water infiltration: Water infiltrations being one of the most common concerns in the industry, many manufacturers now offer warranties on models ranging from entry-level (five-year warranty) to high-end, such as those from Brinkley (20-year warranty).
• Adaptation and personalization: Murphy beds, removable bench seats, multiple configuration options… customize the interior of your RV for more versatility. Nomad Van, Hervé Van, Sherbee Van and others can adapt and modify the towable using 100% Québec products. In the blink of an eye, the vehicle used for a camping weekend can be transformed into a trailer to move your youngest child.
• Truck campers and Class B motorhomes: Still as popular as ever due to the growing popularity of off-roading, van life (Class B vehicles) and truck campers are ubiquitous. Lighter versions, suitable for light trucks (1500), are appearing on the market.
• Technological advances continue on the alternative energy front. Solar panels and conversion systems with EcoFlow concepts (portable lithium batteries) are becoming more common and accessible.

For opening hours, a list of exhibitors, and to purchase your tickets visit: www.acvrq.com/en/montreal-rv/

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