Young Heroes Wanted: 91 New Bicycles to be Awarded

For the 32nd consecutive year, Sun Youth Organization is happy to announce the return of its Annual New Bike Giveaway program. These bicycles will be handed out to youths whose actions have had a positive impact on their community or to young people who will have shown extraordinary courage when facing exceptional circumstances. Sun Youth is inviting the public to tell these young people’s story.

Here is how to proceed. Do you know of a young person in the Greater Montreal area, aged 3 to 17 years, who did something that deserves to be highlighted and rewarded with a new bike, a safety helmet and a bike lock? Send Sun Youth, in writing, the following information: the name of this young person, the age, a little about family background, and tell us what that young person did that you feel is noteworthy. Please do not forget your name and telephone number so that they can contact you for further information. Submissions can be sent by mail to Sun Youth’s Selection Committee for the Bicycle Giveaway –   4251, St. Urbain, Montreal, QC, H2W 1V6, by fax at 514-842-5241, by email at [email protected] or directly on the Sun Youth website (Bicycle Distribution tab in the Emergency Services section). Names of candidates can be submitted no later than March 31, 2016. No application shall be considered after this date.

Sun Youth - Young HeroesThroughout the following weeks, Sun Youth’s Bicycle Committee will select approximately 91 deserving candidates from the names submitted. The young heroes will be honoured in a ceremony taking place at Sun Youth’s headquarters in late May. This ceremony will also celebrate the 91st birthday of the Bike Man, the anonymous donor who has been supporting this program since the beginning. Over the last 32 years, this donor has allowed Sun Youth to distribute more than 1,300 new bicycles to deserving young people.