Billy Idol was born William Michael Albert Broad, in Middlesex, England on November 30, 1955. Idol’s keen sense of cultural trends and his charismatic ability to lead the way placed him in the ideal position to capitalize on an extraordinary new outlet for music called MTV. Idol was the right man at the right time, creating camera-ready music made credible by his punk rock back-story and take-no-prisoners attitude.

Billy Idol began the 1980’s in an apartment on Manhattan’s then-grubby Upper West Side furnished with only a mattress on the floor and a black and white TV; he ended the same decade with numerous platinum albums and sold out tours worldwide. He garnered three Grammy nominations, one MTV Video Music Award (and ten nominations), and a prestigious Brit Award. From 1982’s “White Wedding” and “Hot In The City” (both of which landed in America’s Top 40) to 1984’s anthemic “Rebel Yell” and seductive “Eyes Without A Face” (the latter reaching # 4 in the U.S. charts), followed quickly by “Flesh for Fantasy” and “Catch My Fall,” straight through to 1986’s “To be A Lover,” Billy Idol racked up an extraordinary run of hits. In 1987 his recording of “Mony Mony” reached number 1 in the Billboard singles charts and he followed in 1990 with “Cradle of Love,” which reached number 2.

Released in October 2014, Idol’s autobiography, Dancing With Myself, tells of all the ups and downs of the man who is, was, and forever would be Idol. From the basements where punk rock was born to the Hollywood Hills, from partying with the Rolling Stones to a deathbed reconciliation with his father, Dancing With Myself is a full and honest picture of a life lived loving, playing, and almost dying for rock’n’roll.

Idol’s new album, Kings & Queens of the Underground, is instantly recognizable as classic Idol and recalls his very best work, but with a healthy dose of maturity, musical depth, and charismatic reflection. Kings & Queens of the Underground hums with aggression, subtlety, rhythm, romance, and roar, as Billy continues his mission, with Steve Stevens at his side, to find a musical lexicon that integrates half a century of rock history into an artful, original, attractive noise.

Billy Idol is back again, never having left.

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