Vivaldi’s Gloria is one the most beautiful compositions of sacred music ever written. This coming October 15, two of the worlds best baroque musical orchestras will join their musical forces to present Vivaldi’s signature composition with the ArtChoral women’s choir.

Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra

The Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra with Founder
David Shemer

The musical collaboration between the Matthias Maute leading Ensemble Caprice and David Shermer conducting the Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra is the world’s biggest ever early music collaboration. In a recent conversation Matthias Maute said; “We have established a wonderful partnership with David and the Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra. We have already gone to Israel twice to perform with them; and this concert in October will be their third time in Canada to perform with Ensemble Caprice.” Continuing, Matthias adds; “The exchanges enable the musicians to into each others’ lifestyle. It’s a cultural experience as well as a musical collaboration. Attendance of our concerts in Israel came from people all across different segments of society. It was like the world coming together, and our music played and continues to play an important function in bringing people of different cultures together.”

Montrealers will have an opportunity to rejoice in one of sacred music’s most uplifting choral works: Vivaldi’s Gloria. Originally written as a joyful hymn of praise and worship for a choir of women, Gloria became, over time, a masterpiece unrivaled in joviality and elegance. Under the direction of Mathias Maute and David Shemer, the talented Ensemble Caprice, the Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra, and the women’s choir of Ensemble ArtChoral will bring vitality and panache to some of Vivaldi’s most majestic works. Featured soloists will be Sopranos Janelle Lucyk, Karen Motseri and mezzo-soprano Marie-Andree Mathieu.

In addition to be a world-class musician and conductor, Matthias also teaches music at McGill University, and he is happy to share his knowledge of musical history. He will often turn around from his podium and address the audience with an ability to turn a two thousand seat concert hall into his living room and you are his invited guests.

“There was an orphanage for girls in Venice called La Pieta and they had an all-female choir of outstanding singers who are referred to as angels. Vivaldi wrote Gloria for that ‘choir of angels’ and it became his signature work.”

Vivaldi himself was a person of faith and began studying to become at a priest at 15 and was ordained at 25. He was released from his obligation to perform mass due to a medical condition and of course – this gave him an opportunity to earn a living as a composer.

Mark Sunday, October 15 at 2pm in Maison Symphonique on your calendar and purchase your tickets at or call: 514-842-2112. Enjoy!

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