Artistic Director Dean Patrick Fleming seems especially excited about this one. “It’s so rare to find a writer who can write great and hilarious dialogue but doesn’t sacrifice story or character while doing it. That’s what Kristen does.” Fleming is referring to Kristen DaSilva, currently one of Canada’s most produced playwrights. “Add in a couple of the country’s best actors that understand how to bring dialogue to life and an incredible design team and I feel like we have the ingredients for a hit with this show.”

The actors are Quincy Armorer and Julie Tamiko Manning, last seen in Hudson in Strawberries in January a few years back. They bring impressive resumés with them having worked all over the country on some of the biggest stages. Fleming will direct the pair and says the play is all about the two characters.

“The characters are incredible and very memorable. The play is simple, but I guarantee it will leave the audience fulfilled. It’s one of those plays that you literally laugh out loud while reading it and then right after finishing it you sit back and realize you’ve been moved, and you’re forced to think about your own life and the relationships you have. I’m so excited to watch this with an audience and see Julie and Quincy take them on a ride.”

The story sounds like a good set up for some great jokes but also like it has some depth to it.

On a pier in a small town a pair of strangers meet. Theo is waiting for a date who is well past overdue, and Gwen is selling tickets for the Ghost Tour that promises a vision of the mournful Woman in White. She is quick witted; he is nervous and expecting something special.

They begin to talk and find themselves exploring love, loss, and the importance of looking forward. Beyond the Sea is a story about the importance of human connection told with wit and empathy through two unforgettable characters.

Fleming leaves us with this “I think it’s a perfect play for Hudson Village Theatre and a perfect way to start the summer season.”

Beyond the Sea plays at Hudson Village Theatre from July 5-16. There are matinee and evening shows. Go to or call the box office at 450-458-5361.

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