VIRÉE CLASSIQUE 2023 presents

From the Opera to the Museum with Rafael Payare

Olympic Park’s Esplanade – Wednesday August 16 – 7:30pm

Rafael Payare and the OSM invite you to the Esplanade of the Olympic Park to celebrate the start of the classical season. Numerous soloists and artists of international renown will join the OSM for this grand opening concert. From the opera house to the museum, it is only one step to admire Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition. Through this powerful work, with its extravagant orchestral colors, the composer will transport you from the fantastic universe of fairy tales to the most beautiful cities of Europe. Let your imagination run wild! This is a free concert.

VIRÉE CLASSIQUELa Virée classique 2023
From August 16th to 20th

La Virée classique 2023 celebrates its 10th anniversary. Since its creation, the Virée has become an unmissable summer event. The mission of the Virée classique is to promote the discovery of music in all its forms, to strengthen social ties in the community, to contribute to the development of the sensitivity and curiosity of music lovers, and to encourage amateur musicians and young emerging artists. This mission has been fulfilled successfully year after year.

For this 10th edition, 26 indoor concerts and a hundred or so free activities for the whole family will allow you to explore a multitude of musical universes, from the great classical works to Balinese music, as well as jazz, film music, music from the Balkans or the Middle East. From different cultures, this music will evoke memories of travel that will lead you into the fantastic world of tales.