Created and directed by Alison Darcy & Joseph Shragge
Choreographed by Andrew Turner
Starring Trevor Barrette| Davide ChiazzeseAlison DarcySasha Samar

Scapegoat Carnivale, in collaboration with MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels), is honoured to present the world premiere of YEV, a play about the unusual relationships between a Siberian hermit, a McGill biology student and a retired Russian geologist.

“The crop was dead. I didn’t have much salt. The spiders were the one’s living in my home and I was outside. I stopped remembering the sound of father or my sister or myself.”

Alison Darcy and Joseph Shragge explore what it means to physically, mentally and emotionally live off the grid. YEV engages with a popular interest in the North, examining prejudices and romantic narratives, i.e. that the North can drive you crazy…  The play addresses these fantasies and projections and finally questions what the audience can really know at all.

Yev is a hermit living in a remote region of the Siberian Taiga, the sole survivor of a family who fled civilization for fear of religious persecution. This world premiere, about the unusual relationships between Yev, a McGill biology student and a retired Russian geologist, dramatizes how even small interventions from the outside world can upset the balance of fragile micro-cultures. Through layered, complex unfolding, the play slowly unearths the truth about these relationships forged amid seclusion. YEV, Scapegoat Carnivale’s latest creation, is loosely inspired by the Siberian hermit Agafia Lykova, among others.

The end result is a fresh, creative piece of theatre designed in triptych form; an unconventionally structured new play which is at once visual, physical and textual. The narrative is revealed through a captivating fusion of styles; epistolary storytelling, dramatic live translation and highly theatrical physicality.

“When father was getting older I had to do the harder tasks alone. I was well trained by him to kill, to hunt, to build, sow and lie with a husband.”

The show, in English and Russian, runs from March 14-24. To encourage dialogue, Scapegoat Carnivale will hold moderated talk backs with invited guests: Friday, March 15th and Thursday, March 21st.

For tickets and information visit: or 514-982-3386

Scapegoat Carnivale at MAI, Montréal arts interculturels- 3680 rue Jeanne-Mance

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