Battle for the Planet of the Humans

As the next phase In Planet of the Humans unfolds, join the filmmakers for an exclusive virtual event as they discuss how and why the environmental movement has gone astray.

“The most important environmental film of our time.
The film that shook the environmental movement to its core”

Join Filmmakers Jeff Gibbs (Director) and Ozzie Zehner (Producer) for an exclusive virtual event as they share insights into how and why the environmental movement has gone astray, why green energy won’t save us, and how to get back on track.

Launched on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in the midst of a global pandemic, the documentary feature film Planet of the Humans broaches questions no other film dares to ask, such as whether humans are already far beyond sustainability; whether machines made by industrial civilization can save us from industrial civilization; and whether environmentalism been taken over by those with the profit motive.

The film dares to ask the question: why after 50 years of environmentalism, has everything gotten worse?

Planet of the Humans is by any measure the most successful environmental documentary of the year, maybe the decade, with ten’s of millions of views and counting. While some have deemed Planet of the Humans the most important environmental documentary of our time — others, often with a vested in interest in the status quo — have viciously attacked the film and the filmmakers.

Wednesday, October 21 at 6:30-7:30pm EDT
Virtual event