The OFF JAZZ Festival

The OFF JAZZ Festival celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, with more than 160 musicians, 32 concerts, 7 launches and 10 venues.
Premiering original projects and unexpected collaborations, the OFF JAZZ  is very proud of supporting unique jazz expressions from Quebec.

October 3, 2014
• The Muted Note – Susanna Hood & Scott Thomson
• Opening Night: Lambert / Grogg – Michael Formanek Quartet

October 4, 2014
• Peripheral Vision
• The Muted Note
• Roddy Ellias Trio
• Mend Ham

October 5, 2014
• The Muted Note
• Carlos Jiménez Jogo Trio
• Joe Sullivan Big Band – Sainct Laurens
• Erik Hove Chamber Ensemble
• Pink Saliva

October 6, 2014
• Josh Rager & Donny Kennedy Octet

October 8, 2014
• Kim Zombik
• Jean Vanasse Quartet +1
• St-Jack Quartet Off/On
• Kevin Warren – East West Project

OCTOBER 9, 2014
• Trio Charles Trudel
• Quartet Generations
• Sonia Johnson
• Canard Branchu
• Kite Trio

October 10, 2014
• Greg Amirault Trio
• Thom Gossage Other Voices
• Andy King Group
• Kids Eat Crayons

October 11, 2014
• Bête Ou Ne Pas Bête
• Trio Marie-Claire Durand
• Ratchet Orchestra

October 12, 2014
• Bête Ou Ne Pas Bête

How it Began…
It was in the winter of 1999 that the idea first took seed among a tight-knit group of Montreal jazzmen: they wished to create an event in their own image, a custom-made vehicle that would encourage creative expression from Montreal. They decided to take charge of their destiny by developing their own festival.
Normand Guilbeault, François Marcaurelle, Pierre St-Jak, Jean Vanasse, Ivanhoe Jolicoeur, Bob Olivier and Anne Bilodeau put their nose to the grindstone and within the span of a few months, without any means of financing, but with the loyal support of the local music community, the Musicians Union and of Jérôme Fèvres-Burdy from the Lion d’Or, they launched the first edition of the OFF Jazz Festival of Montreal.
15 years later, the festival has become a mainstay of Montreal’s cultural life. Still run by a committee composed of a majority of musicians, the festival has been able to preserve the values that underlie its mission.

For more information:  514-524-0831

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