Jean-Marie Zeitouni studied percussion, composition and conducting and graduated with degrees in all three disciplines. His travels as a guest conductor have taken him to the podiums of every Canadian symphony orchestra, as well as major orchestras in the US, Mexico, and Europe. He is credited with bringing enthusiasm and patrons back to The Columbus Symphony orchestra where he is the Music Director and conductor. At just 40 years of age, he has established an impressive body of work, travelling forty-five weeks+ per year.

“I’m usually booked three years in advance – and that’s why it has taken a little time for me to come onboard fulltime with I Musici.”

Jean-Marie’s education included a year in Vienna. “Here is one of the most famous capitols of music; where the Vienna Symphony Orchestra performs weekly and where the world’s major orchestras come to play. My studies enabled me to attend the Vienna Symphony’s recording sessions and rehearsals. I had a front row seat (literally) to watch, listen and learn from one of the world’s greatest orchestral organizations.”

After graduating from The Montreal Conservatory, Jean-Marie acted as Associate Conductor for ten years with Les Violons du Roy from Quebec City. He also became a much sought-after guest conductor and travelled North America and Europe. A naturally gifted musician (diagnosed with perfect pitch as a child) Jean-Marie has established a solid reputation as an enthusiastic conductor who draws out the best in musicians and soloists.

In the spring of 2011, Jean-Marie Zeitouni was asked to take on the Artistic Director and Conductor’s role of I Musici; the legendary Montreal-based chamber orchestra that had been led by its founder Yuli Turovsky for 25 years. It was a huge task to take over from the orchestra’s driving force. However, Turovsky (who passed away in January) was in declining health and a transition to new leadership was a necessity.

“I have been fortunate to conduct many orchestras, and to learn both what to do and what not to do when establishing a relationship with the musicians of an orchestra. Here at I Musici, we are in a period of transition, and I have chosen to honour the music of this orchestra, and to go to the future. I Musici has its own colour – there’s something special here.”

“The unique aspect of I Musici as a chamber orchestra is that everyone is involved – each member is in fact a soloist. With a small group of musicians, there is musical weight for each member to carry, and the musicians of I Musici do this exceptionally well.”

“We have three concerts that I invite your readers to attend – each one has a special significance for me and I Musici. On February 15 and 16, we’ll dedicate the Grand Romanticism Concert to the memory Yuli. We have the brilliant pianist Benedetto Lupo joining us for a program that includes Dvorak, Two Waltzes; Chopin, Concerto for piano no.1; Sibelius, Romance; Wolf, Italian Serenade; and a newly discovered work by Fuchs, Serenade for Strings. We’re performing in the intimate Salle Bourgie at the Musée des beaux Arts. It’s a fine Valentine’s gift.”

“I conducted with Les Violons du Roy for ten years, and I’m delighted that they will be joining with I Musici on March 17 for a program titled; Jean-Marie Zeitouni Double Up. We’re joining my two musical families – and we’ll deliver a terrific concert at the Maison Symphonic on March 17.” The program includes: Britten’s Simple Symphony; Elgar, Introduction and Allegro; Vaughan Williams, Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis; Bartok, Romanian Folk Dances with orchestration by Jean-Marie Zeitouni for strings, percussion, piano celeste and harp; and another Bartok, Music for Strings, Percussion and Celeste.

“Vadim Gluzman is one of greatest violinists alive, and he’ll join us on April 5 for a performance at Maison Symphonique. The theme is a celebration of love, with a revisit of Bizet’s Carmen by Russian composer Rodion Shchedrin; Mahler’s Fifth and Leonard Bernstein’s Serenade for Violin, strings, harp and percussion after Plato’s symposium.

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