How are Anglophones in Montreal and across the province feeling about their communities, cultural institutions and their future under the current PQ minority government? How is the relationship between Anglophones and Francophones? How challenging is it to find government services in English in Montreal or in Baie des Chaleurs?

Starting Monday February 18, CBC Quebec will take an in-depth look at life for English-speaking Quebecers in a special two-week multi-platform series called Living English.

As part of the series, CBC Quebec will present the results of an exclusive poll conducted by EKOS Research surveying 1001 Anglophone Quebecers on questions ranging from politics, access to social services, education and how Anglophones feel about their future in Quebec.

“We’ll be sharing the stories of English-speaking Quebecers and the reality of living here as a minority inside a minority,” says Shelagh Kinch, Managing Director of CBC Quebec. “Throughout the series, we want to hear from Quebecers – your neighbours, Anglophones born and raised in Quebec and those who have moved here and made it their home.”


CBC News Montreal with Debra Arbec and Andrew Chang (weekdays at 5, 5:30 and 6pm) will feature special Living English coverage, including exclusive interviews with members of the community and comprehensive and surprising stories about the challenges and fun of living English in Montreal.


Daybreak with Mike Finnerty (weekdays 5:30am -8:30am) and Homerun with Sue Smith (weekdays 3:00pm – 6:00pm) will feature compelling stories from English-speaking neighbourhoods and interviews with community and political leaders. Radio Noon with Bernard St-Laurent (weekdays 12pm-1pm) and All in a Weekend with Sonali Karnick (Weekends 6am-9am) will bring listeners stories from Anglophones from across the province.


On will feature exclusive original programming, multi-media content, and interactive tools. You are invited to add your own stories and share your thoughts.

Living English begins Monday, February 18.

At that time, visit for details.
You can also join the conversation and follow the series on social media at and

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