SLAM! Ex Machina and Flip Fabrique burst into the world of wrestling through their respective disciplines; a decisive match between titans of theater and circus staged by Robert Lepage.

SLAM! A resounding title, a shocking spectacle. Simultaneously an onomatopoeia and a violent wrestling move where the opponent is thrown to the ground, slam takes on various forms, allowing for artistic exploration. The language and codes of wrestling will be deconstructed and then reconstructed to revisit the genre.

In this hyper-theatrical show, the acrobats embody a whole gallery of characters inside and outside the ring, while exploiting their circus skills.

SLAM! A wrestling gala on steroids.

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Ex Machina
The company brings together creators from a wide range of fields and offers a varied artistic production: original plays written and performed solo or collectively, plays based on existing texts, productions where various disciplines (dance, music, museology) blend with theater, operas and multimedia productions where the technological dimension is predominant. Ex Machina mainly develops its shows in Quebec City, then distributes them extensively in Quebec, Canada and elsewhere in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

FLIP Fabrique
FLIP Fabrique is a circus company based in Quebec City, Canada. Born from the friendship and dreams of circus artists in 2011, the troupe is recognized around the world for its unifying shows that combine breathtaking performances with authentic poetry. Made up of world-class artists, the troupe creates contemporary circus shows with a remarkable ability to entertain and move. In addition to its large-scale outdoor shows presented every summer in Quebec City since 2015, the troupe performs around the globe in the most prestigious circus establishments and festivals.

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