Festival Quartiers Danses presents

Cai Glover / Pauline Gervais / Tentacle Tribe

During this evening at the Wilder Building, you will enjoy three performances:

I know you but I don’t know you | Cai Glover

Through the eyes of a witness, I know you but I don’t know you recounts a distant relationship between a brother and a sister. Because of distance, space and loneliness, the fraternal relationship is exacerbated, as life relentlessly places them on tracks they have not willingly chosen. As a hard-of-hearing choreographer, he aims to create the expression of pure language through dance. Using spoken language and literary essays, Cai Glover aspires to rise above words through a fast, expressive and highly emotional choreography.

The choreographer works with ASL (American Sign Language) to develop and explore the emotional complexity of dance’s vocabulary. As a hard-of-hearing choreographer, he aims to create the expression of pure language through dance. Using spoken language and literary essays, Cai Glover aspires to rise above words through a fast, expressive and highly emotional choreography.

“Listening differently has become the driving force behind my creative art, both as a performer and a choreographer. I believe difference is important and I try to shed light on the art of being deaf. I never overcame my “handicap” to become a professional dancer and choreographer, quite the opposite. I embraced it as a different way to perform an art that becomes richer with diversity.” – Cai Glover

MMXX | Pauline Berndsen Danse

In a dimension altered by technology, four characters try to create new bearings. Together, they do their best to connect their own matrix to the matrix of others, searching for a shared identity. Previously women and men, the individuals now live together as people on a territory with virtual borders.

The new MMXX process allows digital entities to fight isolation. With movements restricted by an alienating web, four android dancers succeed in transcending distance and loneliness, despite everything. Their disarticulated, frenzied, and synchronous movements give an impression of unity and tenderness. She and He, He and She, the cloudy nature of this foursome survives thanks to the power of numbers and the repeated multiplication of MMXX

“I like to work with movement systems. They are physical states, just like imagining having a power that is trying to escape from your hands. Our body’s complexity and the various paths we can take to move through space fascinate me. Through creating physical paths, I look at the body as malleable, flowing and flexible.” – Pauline Gervais

Dirt | Tentacle Tribe

Elon Höglund starts with the idea that we were born from earth and will go back to it. The piece reflects on the cycles of life and death.

A Montreal dancer and choreographer of Swedish descent, Elon Höglund was trained in breakdancing and hip-hop. Elon has been collaborating as a performer and choreographer for theatre, contemporary dance, and circus shows since 2001. In 2021, he cofounded the Tentacle Tribe Dance company with Emmanuelle Lê Phan, earning several awards. Elon Höglund also taught many workshops and directed choreographers and dance companies throughout the world.

“My artistic process changes from one project to the next. Usually, I listen to a lot of music and improvise. I start exploring movement and building music simultaneously. I usually create various bits of music and movements, then I tie them together. When I create a movement, I use a system to filter ideas and help me stay on the right track. Usually, my approach is rather organic, and I try to follow my intuition as much as possible.” – Elon Höglund

Les Grands Ballets’ Studio-Théâtre de l’Édifice Wilder
Sunday, September 18, 2022 at 4:00pm

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The FQD celebrates its 20th anniversary with a local, national and international edition

For its 20th edition, the Festival Quartiers Danses (FQD) presents 20 indoors performances from September 7 to 18, 2022! With 6 international companies and 11 local companies, the performances will be presented at Théâtre Maisonneuve of Place des Arts, at Salle Bourgie of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and at the Studio-Théâtre des Grands Ballets Canadiens / Wilder Building.

For a 4th consecutive year, this 20th edition of FQD is dedicated to women by bringing together 10 women choreographers out of the 17 national and international choreographers invited. Moreover, the FQD is honored to have as co-spokespersons for its 20th edition the two renowned dance artists Margie Gillis and Anik Bissonnette.