Aldo Mazza

Now in its third printing, Aldo Mazza’s drum and percussion book is now the official
textbook for Cuban music students

The Cuban Ministry of Culture honored renowned drummer and percussionist Aldo Mazza for his dedication and thorough knowledge of Cuban rhythms by announcing that his best-selling method book would become an official method book in Cuba’s music schools and conservatories.

Aldo, along with his company KoSA Music which he co-founded with his musician wife, Dr. Jolan Kovacs, has been hosting and conducting workshops in Cuba for the last 19 years. For nearly two decades, he has immersed himself in the Cuban culture and studied intensively the complexities of Cuban rhythm working with many of the great Cuban masters.

How famous is Aldo? When Earth Wind & Fire were touring with Chicago last year; they called Aldo about setting up a jam session. Various members of the two world-famous bands accepted Aldo’s invitation to visit his drum and percussion school in NDG; and then everyone enjoyed a memorable afternoon of music.

His well-researched method book contains 75 full play-along tracks, as well as 39 short video clips. This book is on its third printing and is published by KoSA Music and distributed worldwide by Alfred Music.

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