Festival TransAmériques presents

Antoine et Cléopâtre

In French

An ancient tale of fervour and fire, of ever passionate love. A theatrical act of frenzied feeling that illuminates the ultimate myth.

Monumental and inspiring, the royal couple of Antony and Cleopatra will never truly rest in peace. Imbued with the lessons of Plutarch, as well as Shakespeare’s verse and the epic passion as portrayed by Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton on the screen, the great Portuguese director Tiago Rodrigues, who won over the hearts of festival-goers in 2015 with By Heart, illuminates the ultimate myth.

A story as old as the hills, the tale has been revamped by Tiago Rodrigues for the dancers and choreographers Sofia Dias and Vítor Roriz, who share their lives both on and offstage. Whether through movement and gesture or in speech, they fully complement each other; Antony breathes in, Cleopatra breathes out. Sofia and Vítor incarnate the characters thoroughly, slipping into their very skins. There is no East versus West or Egypt against Rome; no man or woman, for that matter. What remains is love, a love that will forever be passion personified. A theatrical act rooted body and soul in the present.

May 28 – Meet the artists after the performance

For more information visit: www.fta.ca

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