Dear Montrealers, I would like to once again thank you all for your feedback, as time goes on more and more of my readers take the time to call me or e-mail me. I’ve been busy these past few months with many Buyers and Sellers in Montreal West and NDG. The warm weather in the beginning of May has slowed things down slightly. But as much as we are looking forward to better weather, the rain and cooler temperature we have had recently was good for Real Estate. Open houses have been going well, and I have a few great properties for sale at the moment.

With the summer doldrums at our doorstep the Real Estate Market will soon slow down to a crawl. However in the past few years we have been seeing some more steady activity throughout the summer and this may be good news for those of you planning to sell your homes and have not had success yet.

houses soldA marketing strategy I, and a lot of other brokers use to get listings is to reach out to people with expired listings, meaning that when the expiry date on a contract between a Broker and a Seller arrives and this contract was not renewed, I would contact you to see if you would like to relist the property with my Marketing Strategies. Those of you who have been in this situation understand how many brokers call and knock at your door. This is my way of reaching out. Call me anytime for an evaluation.


I would like to look at the NDG Market this month in depth. We have had the best year since 2012 in terms of number of sales and average selling price. Both up significantly from last year. In eastern NDG, almost every time I speak with someone about Real Estate, I am asked about the appreciation in value for homes near the new MUHC. Values have increased some, and we are definitely seeing a lot of demand for that area.

houseIn this month’s column I would like to take a short moment to promote one of my listings in NDG, Perfect location for anyone working at the new Super Hospital, with an aggressive price. You can see pictures of the property on page 7 of this newspaper featuring my associate Paul Harrison. This is a Single Family Home with two floors plus a basement, many updates in the past few years. Call me for an appointment.

Thank you for the time you have taken to read my article.
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