Dear Montrealers, the month of October was a good month in most communities, in Westmount, NDG, and Montreal West, we have had the same if not more properties sold than previous years. For the year as a whole we remain slightly below the last two years to date in terms of number of properties sold. I wish I could report a hike in average selling price, but we are selling today’s market, and that number very similar to last year’s.

With the Holidays just around the corner, people will begin to stray from the real estate market towards the end of this month. Then coming to an abrupt stop near mid-December. We will then begin preparing for the Spring Market.

The new “Charter of Values”* was introduced on Thursday, November 7. My goal here is not to show any opinion about it, but rather reflect my thoughts on the effects it will have on the real estate market. Which is why I have my work cut out for me between now and the next market.

It goes without saying that our great city would be heavily impacted by the changes suggested in this “Charter”. Many are against it and many are for it. What will happen as a result? I speak to several people every day that express that they have had enough with this type of behavior from their province and government, that they will be selling to move out west. A few questions come to mind:

  • Are you sure you will be able to sell in time?
  • Can you move your family right away?
  • Can you afford to sell Quickly?
  • Are you able to afford to live in a different major Canadian city?
  • Are you able to carry two mortgages at once?

Montreal West

This month I would like to take the time to report on the Montreal West community in depth. Montreal West has been having a fair year with 32 properties sold to date compared to 36 last year. When I started in the business, Montreal West had 12 properties for sale, in that year the most I saw was 18. About 80% of them sold at some point throughout the year. We currently have 36 Homes for sale.

*Charter Affirming The Values Of Secularism And The Religious Neutrality Of The State, As Well As The Equality Of Men And Women, And The Framing Of Accommodation Requests

Thank you very much for reading my column, I look forward to hearing from you with your inquiries and I am available to anyone who is looking to buy, sell, or rent.

Philip Clement 514-708-4056 [email protected]