Hudson Village Theatre presents

Puss In Boots

This year Hudson Village Theatre is delighted to present, Puss In Boots written by Ben Crocker and directed by Steve Walters. Steve is a veteran Panto player and director (Camelot, 2017 and Treasure Island, 2019). Puss In Boots, like all Pantos, is the perfect holiday event for all ages. With singing, dancing, silly jokes, goodies and baddies, the Hudson Village Theatre Panto is loads of fun for everyone! For over 20 years, Hudson Village Theatre has been be delighting children and adults with what has become an annual tradition and fundraiser for theatre. The show runs throughout the holidays from December 15 to January 7 (matinées and evenings).

A Hilarious New Take On An Old Classic!
The story begins with Jack the Miller’s son who has just inherited a cat. But this cat is no ordinary feline, and with the help of a charming fairy, Puss in Boots develops special powers. Soon Puss helps our humble hero, Jack, on his way to fame and fortune. However, between Jack and fortune lies a terrible ogre, a wicked fairy, Jack’s bumbling, not-too-bright, brothers, as well as some rather large rabbits, not to mention a King and Queen in search of a wealthy son-in-law. All of which makes for hilarity, hijinks and maybe just a little romance.

What Is Panto?
Pantomime (or Panto for short) is a musical comedy stage performance for the whole family. There is singing & dancing, slapstick comedy, goodies & baddies, true love and candy! Each Panto is based on a well-known fairy tale, folk tale or story (Cinderella, Robin Hood, The Wizard of Oz). Panto is a hugely interactive form of theatre. Call & response is a key aspect of the performance and characters regularly break the “fourth wall” to argue with the audience, ask them for help, get them into a sing-a-long, or beg for a sympathetic “aww”.

To purchase your tickets visit: or contact the box office at 450-458-5361 or [email protected].