Yiddish theatre is finally back on stage after its long pandemic “intermission”. The Segal Centre for Performing Arts is proud to present The Sages of Chelm by the Dora Wasserman Yiddish Theatre (DWYT). This uplifting and lively musical based on the classic Yiddish folktales will be running for a limited time on the Sylvan Adams Theatre stage from June 19 to June 26. The Sages of Chelm will be performed in Yiddish with French and English supertitles.

This production offers a new take on a classic tale. It is said that when Earth was created and the time came to fill it with people, an angel was chosen to deposit wise and foolish souls evenly over the land. But after getting caught on a mountaintop, the sack of foolish souls spilled out into the town of Chelm.

One of the DWYT’s most beloved plays breathes new life into Eastern European Jewish folklore. The romantic comedy, with original music and entertaining dance numbers, is a heart-warming story packed with hilarity, mistaken identity, and star-crossed lovers.

This musical take on the story by Abraham Shulman with music by Eli Rubinstein first took the stage in 1970 and has been adored by audiences ever since, both at home and around the world, with previous tours to Ottawa, Toronto, New York, and the USSR. Director and Choreographer Trevor Barrette is providing a fresh interpretation by modernizing some elements of the production and adding an extra dash of whimsy. It’s the perfect reimagining for those who have loved Chelm since its debut and those who’ve never seen it before.

The talented multigenerational cast of volunteer community theatre performers is made up of newcomers and veterans of the DWYT stage, some of whom have performed in past productions of this musical, playing different parts through the years. In fact, Musical Director Nick Burgess played one of the leads, Menakhem, in 2008. As some are performing in Yiddish for the very first time, the cast is aided by a team of six Yiddish coaches to help them get comfortable with the language.

“Without changing the original text, Trevor Barrette has created an exciting new production of Chelm. This show is 100% energy and laughs – every person will leave the theatre smiling,” said Jesse Krolik, co-President of the Dora Wasserman Yiddish Theatre.

“This is one of the DWYT’s best and most loved musicals. It is a legacy piece that celebrates the rich and distinguished history of Yiddish theatre that can be enjoyed by anyone, Yiddish-speaker or not!” said Lisa Rubin, Segal Centre Artistic and Executive Director.

For information about the COVID protocols in place at the Segal Centre, please visit segalcentre.org/en/coronavirus. Tickets are on sale now at 514.739.7944 or at www.segalcentre.org

The Segal Centre is at 5170 chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine, Montreal, H3W 1M7