Wildside Festival Remix

The annual Wildside Festival returns just in time for spring. The fun begins on March 2 with Logic of the Worst by Étienne Lepage and Frédérick Gravel. On March 4, fan favourite Confabulation returns for one night only with ​​Confabulation: Good Date, Bad Date — stories of romance and regret. The festival concludes with 1, 2, maybe 3 by jean + syd. Plus, reserve your spot for Wildside Unplugged, a free concert on March 5 hosted by Vienna D’Amato Hall, Sarah Segal-Lazar, and Lucy Earle.

Logic of the WorstLogic of the Worst
March 2 – 5, 2022

Five performers explore the idea of the “worst” in front of their audience. Through anecdotal stories, demonstrations and flights of fancy, the worst proves to be a powerful philosophical acid that exposes our relation to the world, shining a playful but unforgiving light from which even the performers cannot hide. While being a primarily scenic project, Logic of the Worst coordinates text, movement, music and stage set, searching for a universe capable of not only seducing spectators, but of also making them the privileged accomplices of a truly original world view.

Performances are in English.
ASL performance March 5th.

1, 2, Maybe 31, 2, Maybe 3
March 9, 11 & 12

Co-creation Jean + Syd
Performed by Sydney McManus and Keanu Uchida

Measuring the mundane. Close to each other, two bodies attempt to coexist. The shapes and fabrics intertwine to the point where it becomes difficult to determine where they belong. Unforeseen complications arise as intentions turn into actions. Overlapping decisions generate constraints. Finally, by giving in to the decisions of the other in search of a compromise, we tend to complicate what should have been simple.

Good Date, Bad Date — Stories of Romance and Regret
March 4, 2022

Montreal’s showcase for true-life stories returns to the Wildside stage with Good Date, Bad Date: stories of romance, awkwardness, and surprise, as we navigate the wide world of dating!

Stories, true as we can tell them: Featuring stories from first-timers, as well as veterans, this show marks the return of live performances, and kicks off a brand new season of stories, true as we can tell them. To launch the season, we’ll explore the theme of What Remains: Daring Discoveries, Lost Legacies and Sweet Surprises.

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