Benny & Co. has announced the launch of its products available exclusively in the 296 IGA grocery stores across Quebec. Many consumers live in the age of convenience. For some families going to a restaurant can be a tall order. Sometimes restaurants such as Benny & Co. are not located close to their homes. Quebec is the rotisserie chicken capital for food lovers and the family-run Benny & Co. is expanding to meet the demand for rotisserie chicken.

Culturally, chicken is a safe food for many ethnic groups. The chicken business is growing stronger in the past year in the USA as well as in the Quebec market. There are many cooking options with chicken. There are many supper ideas and time-saving recipes that will keep everybody happy.

Benny & Co., Quebec’s largest family-owned rotisserie chain, is now present in downtown Montreal with the opening of its 66th rotisserie, marking the launch of its new restaurant concept. Designed by the third generation of the Benny family, this concept involved more than two and a half years of development and will offer a renewed customer experience that reflects the company’s vision for the future.

The modern concept is an evolution of the company’s original restaurant created in 2006 and will be deployed throughout the chain. It will promote the expansion of Benny & Co. rotisseries in urban centres in Quebec and Ontario, unlike the previous restaurant model, which was more suited to large suburban locations. “This new concept was initially intended to offer a renewed experience only to clients in large urban centres, where square footage is more limited. The pandemic gave us an extra year to complete an internal assessment, rethink the project and revise our plans. What started out as an urban concept has become Benny & Co.’s concept for the future, with a whole different image,” said Elisabeth Benny, Vice-President, Marketing and Public Relations of Benny & Co.

Meanwhile, Montreal-based Foodtastic, owned by the Mammas family, has purchased the Milestones restaurant brand from Recipe Unlimited Corporation. Peter Mammas has confirmed that some new Milestones franchises will indeed be coming to Quebec. Foodtastic is the franchisor of multiple restaurant concepts including Second Cup, Au Coq, La Belle et La Boeuf, Monza, Carlos & Pepe’s, Souvlaki Bar, Nickels, Rotisseries Benny, Chocolato, Big Rig, Bacaro, Copper Branch, Tommy Café, Gatto Matto, La Chambre and L’Gros Luxe.