Canadian Artist Callen Schaub continues to deliver his healing art through December

For those feeling alone for the holidays, Callen Schaub is bringing his message of hope to fans worldwide. Join the brilliant abstract artist as he goes LIVE at 5pm EST every day in December on both Instagram and Tiktok. Known for his bold and thought-provoking contemporary art Callen, is inspired to conclude this very challenging year with a message of hope.

Callen SchaubViewers will be enthralled as Callen uses paint, natural forces and machines to cover various size canvases. Callen has rejected the art world’s implied exclusivity in an approach he calls The Fake Art Movement. Through it he tries to educate, inspire and raise awareness about anti-cyberbullying. Callen is a prominent advocate for mental health awareness. In an inspiring series of LIVES Callen will paint over seven canvases covered in hateful comments that have been directed at him through social media.

The LIVES allow Callen to engage directly with his audience expressing his emotions through colour. Callen’s use of vibrant colours represents a spectrum of energy and emotion, encouraging reaction and interpretation of his works.

The LIVES aim to provide comfort to those who are feeling alone and isolated this holiday season. This December is unlike any other and many find themselves away from family, friends and their traditional holiday celebrations. When asked what Callen wants the audience to feel while watching his LIVES he responded, “I want to give my audience the feeling of ease, natural beauty, and motivation. I hope my performance can draw them into the present moment.”

Callen’s stunning LIVES can encourage us all to reflect on this rather long and difficult year before it comes to a close. And if you think you will miss the fireworks this year, at the stroke of midnight, as we usher in 2021, Callen will suspend himself on a human rail —  much like a zipline. He will “fly” through the air deploying paint onto a 10×20 foot canvas. The never done before concept will be completed on the largest canvas Callen has spun to date. This will be Callen’s final canvas of 2020 before he allows time for self-reflection in 2021.

In January, in support of mental wellness, Callen will go offline on social media. To represent his silence, he will post a 6 foot blank heart canvas, painted in UV reactive paint with the words “Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.”