The Montreal Medieval Fair

… 3 days of festivities, a unique ambiance, a carnival atmosphere

… An unforgettable experience!

It’s non stop action at the Montreal medieval fair, both inside and out. Music, dance, breathtaking fights, fire breathers and spectacular acrobats awaits you.

more than 75 exhibitors, showcasing arms and armor, jewels, leather craftsmen, candle makers, bootmakers and more.

Multiple dance and music groups follow one another without interruption. Spectacular battles and a fashion show. An impressive campground composed of a multitude of tents and a battle arena. Meet the Vikings, Musketeers, Roman gladiators and representatives of the SCA. The stunning fire breathing performances and scenes of epic battles will leave you speechless.

Centre Pierre-Charbonneau
3000 Rue Viau, Montreal,  H1V 3J3

For more information and tickets:    514-252-5522