Snowglobe Theatre – The Fairies are Thirsty

Snowglobe Theatre expected to put on an ordinary production this May until the pandemic demanded a change in plans.

The original intent was to produce three one-act plays, presented in rotation for four days worth of double bills. Undaunted by the limitations of lockdown, the company decided to mount one of the plays in an innovative version meant for a webcam: Montreal playwright Denise Boucher’s The Fairies are Thirsty (“Les fées ont soif”). This controversial yet successful play has enjoyed numerous revivals since its premiere in 1979, though probably none more unusual than this current incarnation.

“It’s been a joy and a blessing to be gifted with a cast and crew so willing to adapt,” says director Kieran Hunt. The show will be broadcast from all the actresses’ individual homes. Each is using her personal surroundings to create the atmosphere of her role, but is also taking up the challenge of connecting with cast mates and audiences through a webcam.

The Fairies are Thirsty explores three women struggling with the gender politics of the Quiet Revolution in Montreal: Marie (Sabrina Auclair), the frustrated housewife; Madeleine (Sandra Lee), a prostitute dealing with trauma; and the Statue (Camila Fitzgibbon), unwillingly reduced to a patriarchal stereotype of womanhood. Yet even beyond the feminist cri de coeur of the play, which continues to resonate with modern audiences, the unusual medium of this production has afforded an opportunity to explore a particularly timely topic: isolation, loneliness, what it means to feel trapped, and how we can reach out to one another in solidarity to build a genuine, caring community.

Snowglobe Theatre is pleased to invite you to enjoy this unique event in the company of friends and family both near and far. As an additional special feature of the performances, audiences will be encouraged to participate in live chat during the show, as well as artist talkbacks afterwards.

The event will be broadcast for free; donations are gratefully accepted on Snowglobe’s Gofundme page to cover the costs of the show and fundraise for a future fully-staged production.

The Fairies are Thirsty, by Denise Boucher.
Marie: Sabrina Auclair, Statue: Camila Fitzgibbon, Madeleine: Sandra Lee, Directed by Kieran Hunt

Two performances broadcast live on Zoom:
Saturday, May 23rd from 8pm to 9pm
Sunday, May 24th from 8pm to 9pm
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