From Sahara to Opera

Known to her fans as the “desert diva”, soprano Fairouz Oudjida has won a number of awards abroad over the course of her journey. She invites us to discover her world through her story — that of a young girl who grew up in the desert of Algeria, nurtured by the love of her four parents.

Proud of her heritage, this universal performer with a powerful lyrical voice pays a vibrant tribute to traditional songs of Algerian, Maghrebin, and Arabic origin in a repertoire draped in classical colour. Accompanied on piano and cello by her brilliant musicians, she will also be performing a selection of classical gems. A mesmerizing show! A must see!

Artists: Soprano Fairouz Oudjida, Dominic Bouliane, Dominic Painchaud

For information and tickets:  514-842-2112 or 1-866-842-2112