Upper Canada Playhouse’s upcoming comedy, Don’t Dress For Dinner features six ill-fated characters who tie themselves in hysterical knots in their desperate attempts to navigate the traps and mishaps they’ve set up for themselves. The classic comedy running until July 28 is by Robin Hawdon, who packed The Playhouse two seasons ago with another of his hit shows, Boeing Boeing. Don’t Dress For Dinner is a brand new episode featuring friends Bernard and Robert who continue to get themselves into trouble with embarrassing and risky predicaments and cover-ups. ‘These comedies always begin with someone making a bad decision that they soon regret and attempt to reverse’, comments director Donnie Bowes. ‘As they try to wriggle out of the mess they’ve created, its high stakes for them and high comedy for the audience. It’s like watching a ticking time bomb about to go off.’

In Don’t Dress For Dinner, Bernard has carefully planned an affair with his mistress while his wife Jacqueline is away. He invites his friend Robert to join them as an alibi and hires a cook to prepare dinner for them. When Jacqueline cancels her trip, all plans are off and Bernard forces Robert to help him deal with the fallout. The cook is coaxed into playing the mistress and the mistress into playing the cook. Soon no one is actually sure who anyone really is. Except the audience who can sit back and enjoy a couple of hours of hilarious comedy.

Don’t Dress For Dinner is directed by Donnie Bowes, with set design by Jim Smagata and costume design by Alex Amini. ‘We’ve been having a lot of fun rehearsing this hilarious show,’ adds Bowes. ‘We can’t wait to open the doors and share the laughter with our audience!’

Don’t Dress For Dinner runs July 4-28 at the Upper Canada Playhouse in Morrisburg. Tues, Wed, Thu, Sat at 2pm & Thu, Fri, Sat at 8pm. For tickets please call: 613-543-3713 & 1-877-550-3650 or online: uppercanadaplayhouse.com

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