The Baklawa Recipe

A loving portrait of women reaching out to each other for comfort, understanding and friendship.

By Pascale Rafie
Translated by Melissa Bull
Directed by Emma Tibaldo

1960s Quebec juxtaposed with contemporary society seen through the immigrant lens. Two young Lebanese women emigrate from their homeland to start new lives in Ville-St-Laurent. Forever bound when they marry two Canada-born Lebanese brothers, they struggle to integrate the traditional female roles of their close-knit community with the emerging face of the independent woman of the feminist movement. The mothers and their first-generation Canadian daughters personify the challenges of living between two worlds: one shaped by their cultural origins and the other by their adopted home. Two generations of women, their joys and complexities, as warm and sweet as Baklawa. From the playwright of the beloved children’s play, Charlotte Sicotte.

For tickets and information: 514-288-3161

The Centaur Theatre
453 St. François-Xavier

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