Living Connections – Illumination of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge

Celebration of Montreal’s 375th Anniversary

Starting May 17, 2017, merely looking at the Jacques-Cartier Bridge will become a radically different experience. A new digital and interactive lighting project, which will become an integral part of the bridge’s delicate structure, will light up according to the seasons and the energy of the city. Different data collected in real time will be integrated into it, then expressed through light. This cutting-edge and innovative project will strike the imagination of users and provide the city with a new visual icon.

History of the bridge
The Jacques-Cartier Bridge was inaugurated in 1930, which makes it a mere 86 years old. Back then, it was an engineer, not an architect, who imagined that the bridge would quickly become an architectural masterpiece.
When it was inaugurated, the Prime Minister of Canada took part via telephone and officially opened the megastructure with the push of a button. At the time, this was incredible technological advancement. For the 375th, the bridge continues to be a source of innovation, with its digital lighting project that is unique in the world.

Dynamic illumination
In total, 2,807 lights will be installed thanks to a combination of projectors and LED light strips illuminating the superstructure, which will shine according to the energy of the city.
The work will take shape according to data collected in real time. Living Connections will move to the beat of the city and change according to the seasons and major events.

Special 30-minute illumination on May 17, 2017, at 9:45 p.m., 375th anniversary of the day that Montreal was founded.

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