Letter From a Sultan – Constantinople

Ali Riza Albayrak, baglama & voice
Hüseyin Albayrak, baglama & voice
Kiya Tabassian, setar & voice
Pooria Pournazeri, tanbour & daf

As is the case with most musical traditions from the Mediterranean and the East, the musical heritage of Anatolia and Persia has been transmitted orally over many centuries. In Anatolia, the Ashiks—troubadours who sang of love and the divine to the sound of the saz lute (baglama)—left a deep impression on the hearts and minds of the people. Ali Riza and Hüseyin Albayrak are two Ashiks, modern troubadours and heirs to this tradition. In their company, we have mapped out a voyage into the heart of Anatolia and Persia, via the passionate and enrapturing poetry of Sultan Shah Khatayi.

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Bourgie Concert Hall
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Montréal, Québec
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