Danse Danse and Hofesh Shechter Company (UK) presents


A highly regarded artist on the international scene whose work is full of fury and explosive music, the British based choreographer HOFESH SHECHTER is back with the critically acclaimed Sun. Yet the sun that lights up his vision of humanity is both beneficial and dangerous, and indeed the singular tribe that he subjects to the caprices of a Machiavellian master of ceremonies is very much aware of the impending threat. With 14 dancers tossed into the whirlwind of a celebration where Wagner flirts with electro-rock, bagpipes and mantras, he blends together classical, tribal, social, folk and contemporary dance. In a series of contrasting sequences he demonstrates the influence of “might is right”, how even in the apparent comfort of an almost perfect world, superior strength shapes our values, our judgements and our lives. Fierce and extremely effective.

“Shechter is a magnificent, one-of-a-kind choreographer. The movement in Sun is complex and gorgeous, weaving extremely disparate physical languages into seamless, tightly-woven phrases.”
– The Guardian, Melbourne

“The only dance-maker on Earth even attempting shows this eye-poppingly packed with wit, energy and ambition.”
– Daily Telegraph

“Hofesh Shechter. It’s a name to remember … one of the most inventive new choreographic voices to turn up in quite a while. He shows physical invention as part of a fiercely contemporary universe.”
– The New York Times

Lenght : 1 H 15

Post-performance talk with the artists: Friday November 6, 2015

For more information and tickets: www.laplacedesarts.com 514-842-2112 or 1-866-842-2112

For more details: www.dansedanse.ca

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