Martinique Gourmande

Culinary Festival

The 8th annual gourmet event, Martinique Gourmande, will once again bring Martinique’s exotic cuisine to bars and restaurants in the Greater Montreal area.

The many flavours of Martinique will thus tantalize taste buds with the help of local chefs and mixologists who will add to their regular menu a dish or cocktail inspired by their vision of Martinique’s fine cuisine, a subtle yet powerful blend of French, African, Indian and Caribbean influences. Martinique Gourmande is a celebration of the island’s rich gastronomie and art de vivre.

Participating Restaurants and Bars

Art Gang    514-750-3253
6524 Saint-Hubert

Ateliers et Saveurs     514-849-2866
444 Rue Saint François-Xavier

Auberge du Chocolat    514-983-0477
4801 Ave. du Parc

Barraca Rhumerie et Tapas     514-525-7741
1134 Mont-Royal Est

Bleu Raisin      514-271-2333
5237 Rue Saint-Denis

Café Prague     514-439-3778
1317 Van Horne Ave.

Carte Blanche      514-313-8019
1159 Rue Ontario Est

Chez Chose     514-843-2152
1879 Rue Bélanger

Chez Lévesque      514-279-7355
1030 Laurier Ouest

Chez Ma Grosse Truie Chérie      514-522-8784
1801 rue Ontario Est (corner Papineau)

Chez Sophie     438-380-2365
1974 rue Notre Dame Ouest

Code Ambiance     514-939-2609
1874 Rue Notre Dame Ouest

Juliette et Chocolat
Choose from 6 locations in Montreal, Laval and Brossard

Lab, Comptoir à Cocktails      514-544-1333
1351 Rachel Est

Le Grain de Sel      514-522-5105
2375 Sainte-Catherine

Le Mal Nécessaire      514-439-9199
1106 B Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Le Margaux     514-448-1598
5058 Parc Avenue

Le Montréalais     514-954-2261   or   514-861-3511
900 Rene Levesque Blvd. West

Le North End      514-507-6678
5800 rue De La Roche

Le Passé Composé     514-524-6663
950 rue Roy est

Le Pourvoyeur     514-277-5858
184 rue Jean-Talon est

Le Refuge du Faubourg      418-826-2869
1910 Boul. des Neiges St-Ferréol-les-Neiges

Le Renoir     514-285-9000
1155 Rue Sherbrooke West

Les Coudes sur la table      514-521-0036
2275 Saint-Catherine East

Le Valois      514-528-0202
25 Place Simon Valois (corner 3809 Ontario)

L’Incrédule     450-674-0946
288 Rue Saint-Charles Ouest, Longueuil

Saveur Soleil     438-380-8081
1886 Ontario Est

Sinclair    514-284-3332
414 Rue Saint Sulpice

Spanel    514-507-5017
1960 Notre Dame West

Taverne Inspecteur Épingle     514-598-7764
4051 Rue Saint-Hubert

Whisky Café     514-278-2646
5800 St. Laurent Blvd.

For more information about the festival, including a map highlighting participating restaurants and bars:

About Martinique (

The Caribbean island with French flair, The Isle of Flowers, The Rum Capital of the World, The Isle of the Famed Poet (Aimé Césaire) – by any one of its many names Martinique remains one of the most alluring and enchanting destinations in the world. 

Named “Best Gourmet Island of the Year” in 2008 and 2009 by Caribbean World Magazine, Martinique is an overseas region of France that stirs the passions with distinctive culinary delights, awe-inspiring natural beauty, a rich cultural history, warm smiles and so much more. 

Napoleon’s bride, Empress Josephine, was born and raised here. Majestic Mt. Pelée and The Pompeii of the Caribbean, St. Pierre, is found here.  The finest French products, from Chanel fashions to Limoges porcelain, are readily available here.  La Route des Rhums, a tour of the world’s finest rum distilleries based on France’s famed Route des Vins, is offered here. 

A special place, to be sure, with so much to offer – Martinique c’est magnifique!

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