Dear Montrealers, well now that the dust is settling after the election and we haven’t seen a snowflake in the past couple weeks; people are leaving the comfort of their homes to visit Open Houses again. I have been told several times in the past month by friends and family that “I must be happy” with the results of the election, hinting at the fact that my job has become easier.

I would like to address this belief because it also seems to be a popular subject in the eyes of the media. I have been busy, this I will agree to, however to say my job has become easier is an incredible oversight. Buyers are coming out of the woodwork, and this is a good thing for the Real Estate Market, however, because of 2014 events early in the year, we are now experiencing a late market and people are looking to purchase before summer, basically condensing the workload into the next few weeks.

Am I complaining about it? Not at all. I am happy to be busy; this means I am doing something right. One of the challenges I have overcome was to survive the “Marois Episode” this early in my career when many other brokers have not, young and old. I work very hard when I am up against the wall and the market isn’t giving it away, but I also work just as hard when the market is a little more permitting.

Let’s look at some numbers in detail; Westmount has 10% less properties sold at this time compared to last year and a 3% increase in the average selling price to date. Montreal West has 10% more properties sold than last year with a total of 11 Sold, However we have a 13% drop in average selling price, keep in mind I sold a property for almost 1.7M last year, this effects the average. And in N.D.G. we lost 2.3% on average selling price but have sold 12% more homes.

Montreal West

I am also proud to say that in terms of value I have sold The Largest Home in Montreal West to date this year, and the third largest in NDG. Westmount is a tougher nut to crack but I do have a new listing for a nice COOP on Sherbrooke W for all to see. Please let me know if you would like to visit or if you are looking to sell your home I also perform free evaluations.

201-4444 Sherbrooke W, Westmount
$649,000 MLS: 23295573

For those who are reading my column for the first time, I have been a Real Estate Broker for three years now; I started this column in Montreal West by hand delivering letters door to door. I am a very hard worker and have proven myself time and time again. When looking for a broker you should keep my name in mind. Philip Clement, 514-708-4056 [email protected]

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