Xavier Rudd

One of Australia’s most iconic voices; a multi-instrumentalist, surfer and activist.

Acclaimed Australia singer-songwriter, Xavier Rudd recently released ‘Freedom Sessions’. On the release, Xavier says: “My first EP release in 25 years, ‘Freedom Sessions’ was created during a particularly unique period of time … and is a celebration of the blessing of ‘freedom’ – a simple state of being that we all should have the right to exist in.”

“The track ‘World order’ is a journey that explores the two parts or the yin and yang that is in everything and manifests within us so often. As a sensitive species of the planet that has strayed far from our original form and connection to our natural place on it, we are all often trying to find our way home to that place of complete resolve within. Due to the world order that has been inflicted on the planet and ourselves over the centuries we find ourselves negotiating the battles of generational trauma and conditioning that lingers in our hearts and minds. Such is life…. some days we have to scramble uphill with a heavy load and some days we feel like we can fly.”

See him live at MTelus, with opening act Bobby Alu.

To purchase your tickets visit: www.mtelus.com

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