Westmount sales and prices are both up from 2013

Dear Montrealers, the summer doldrums are officially behind us. I have been seeing much more activity on listings, and my buyers have been much busier with visits, trying to find the perfect home before the holidays. But most importantly sales have been concluded, and more so than previous years in most communities.

I have listings in Westmount, NDG, and Montreal West at the moment, most of which have some interested parties, however the number of properties for sale remains slightly higher than usual, so these interested parties have many homes to choose from. As of now, we are not completely out of the woods; we continue to have an uneven market sloping slightly to the buyer’s side. This correction will still take some time.

We are expecting a strong fall market. Not only have buyers come out of the woodwork, but also buyers are now noticing that the market is getting better for sellers and should come back to normal soon. With the political pressure gone, Sellers will have much more power during negotiations.

Alex from NDG asked me in August; When should I bring my property to market, I am in no hurry to sell? I explained to Alex that we will be seeing a strong fall market in NDG, and if he wanted to sell in 2014 we could get that done, given the correct marketing and timing. However following the conversation we decided to list only in the spring, when many properties will be SOLD or off market, so less competition. And for Alex, having a unique property, he could see more money during the spring market.


This month I would like to view the situation in Westmount. Things are going very well, average selling prices are up by about 7% since last year, and number of sales is up by 14% (13 more homes than 2013). So it is safe to say that a lot of confidence has come back to this market, and it continues as a very active market in the fall.

In short; the real estate market is looking much better than they did a few months ago. People who know me and have worked with me can agree that I work very hard and always give my 110%. I have been in this business for three and a half years, I have learnt a lot in this time and am now comfortable juggling more listings. If you want to sell your home, call me. I am on a roll, my listings are selling and all my clients are getting attention on their properties. Evaluations and in depth Analysis are free, I would be happy to help you.

Philip Clement 514-708-4056 [email protected]