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 Mythik, a trendy restaurant-bar opened in the fall of 2019 at the Bell Centre. It is open only to ticket holders on Montreal Canadiens game nights, concerts and other special events. The 250-seat venue is located in the former Musée des Canadiens space via the Cour Rio Tinto or Gate 2. From there it is a short walk down a stairway to an absolutely beautiful and chic private lounge-like atmosphere outfitted with comfortable tables and bar.

The “market to table” à la carte menu offers a selection of individual dishes, all beautifully designed to highlight local Montreal products, signature cocktails and a selection of 800 wine bottles. The Ancestral VQA Hinterland Sparkling Wine is a popular choice for folks who want that champagne taste.

Yves Lowe is the culinary genius behind Mythik and the four other Bell Centre sit down dining establishments: 9-4-10 Steakhouse, Canti Osteria, Bazarette and longtime mainstay La Mise Au Jeu. Lowe is now planning for a sixth restaurant. Le Parterre will open for the 2025-26 season, reserved for ticket holders in a specific section near ice level and costing between $20,000 to $29,000 per ticket.

Oysters and the Crevettes Nordiques 

Oysters and the Crevettes Nordiques  Photo: Glenn J. Nashen

For hockey games, Mythik opens its doors at 4:30 pm. Diners can go their seats when the contest begins and return for dessert, coffee or more of their meal during two intermissions.  Some people enjoy the ambiance here so much that they continue to sample the cuisine well into the first period. Now remember, without a ticket you cannot gain access to this or any other of these restaurants within the Bell Centre. For concerts and other shows, of course, the timing might be completely different with a 5 pm opening.

Sharing here is a lot of fun. When I saw the word “Nordiques” on the menu, my first thought was “Good for the Canadiens to do their part to bring the Quebec Nordiques back.”  Indeed, on the appetizer section there is an item called “Crevettes Nordiques.” These are crispy tacos with Nordic shrimp, Cajun coriander and corn. Truly delicious! The burrata salad, with mushrooms, walnuts and gremolata, hit the spot and who doesn’t love a dozen oysters with mignonette? Also looking tasty is the focaccia bar with caramelized onion butter, truffled popcorn, mozzarella frite as well as smoked meat or tuna tartare.

For the main courses, we eyed the lamb shank and the lobster risotto. The former was cooked for three hours, seared and comes with confit carrot, spelled, apricot, burnt onion and carraway crumble.  You can also share a 44-ounce tomahawk steak or enjoy some lasagna, ramen carbonara, black cod or roast beef.

As for the desserts, new on the menu is carrot bread pudding, with sticky caramel and cream cheese and a strawberry shortcake, a vanilla sponge cake with sweet ricotta and strawberry coulis. The traditional favorite here remains chocolate mousse, hazelnut, chocolate cream, crumble and salt flour.

This marks Lowe’s eighth year at the helm at the Bell Centre. He is proud to promote Mythik for having a “farm to table” à la carte menu featuring a selection of individual plates, all beautifully created to highlight some of Montreal’s best local products.

For more information and to make reservations go to https://centrebell.ca/en/restaurants/mythik  or call (514) 492-1775.

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