The Luxury List: Bahamian Properties

Baha Mar, The Bahamas Luxury

Baha Mar (New Providence)

In a destination as diverse as The Bahamas, with an island seemingly tailor-made for just about every type of vacation, it’s perhaps no surprise that the accommodations are just as varied and dynamic. From beachside cottages and sprawling resorts to exclusive, hidden villas, The Bahamas seemingly has it all. In the spirit of appreciating the finer things in life (…and providing a little aspirational daydream fodder), here are three of the absolute finest properties for the discerning sun seeker. The Bahamian properties below take tropical luxury to new levels…and should be on the list of every traveller with a love of all things lavish.

Baha Mar (New Providence)

This 1000-acre resort is basically an indulgent vacation in its own right – leaving its expertly maintained grounds is optional! How else would you describe this iconic resort that boasts its own casino, waterpark, wildlife sanctuary, and eclectic mix of delicious restaurants and bars? Baha Mar is actually not one resort, but three – choose from the refined Rosewood, the hip SLS, or the eminently modern Grand Hyatt, or simply benefit from the amenities of all three!

Grand Isle Resort, The Bahamas Luxury

Grand Isle Resort (Exuma)

Grand Isle Resort (Exuma)

The adventurous island of Exuma is home to the Grand Isle Resort, which certainly lives up to its name. Villas line the shoreline of scenic Emerald Bay, with swaying palms and golf course-like greenery providing welcome refuge between excursions to swim with The Bahamas’ famous pigs, reef snorkelling, sailing, and more. Private villa luxury (can you say, “Infinity pool”?) meets the pampering you’d expect from a four-star resort, with the seawater-infused spa and elevated dining earning particular acclaim.

The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort, The Bahamas Luxury

The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort, Bahamas

Ocean Club (Paradise Island)

As a Four Seasons resort, the Ocean Club still maintains the same superlative level of service and luxury it has offered in Nassau since its debut in 1962. Intimate low-rises dot its stretch of picturesque beach, with vibrant tropical gardens providing the occasional pop of green amidst all that white and blue. A Balinese-style spa and onsite golf course are just the start of a long list of amenities: tear yourself away from your plunge pool bungalow and discover a wealth of activities at this 5-star gem with a decades-long pedigree.

The Bahamas
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